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for kids birthday party, corporate teambuilding or private games.

Laser Tag Equipment

Our laser tag equipment have been specially selected to accommodate the preferences of adults as well as children. If you have been doing some research on laser tag equipment, you may have arrived at the same conclusion that most adults, want to play laser tag with realistic looking, hardy and solid metal guns. Not forgetting the kids, we have just added new lightweight guns to our arsenal. Both type of guns have advanced features and are available to adults and kids alike.

*Please note, you may only choose one type of guns, either LTTO or Regular, for your event. Unless you wish to have 2 different battlefields with one type of guns at each battlefield. (ie. LTTO for 1 group, Regular for another. Minimum of 10 pax per group still applies). Reason for this is that the LTTO guns and Regular guns are not compatible.

Lazer Tag Team Ops Guns

Our Regular Laser Tag Guns

Check out these new LTTO Guns! They are much lighter then our regular guns, but still pack a punch on features. Great for kids, fun for adults! The rocket launcher is a personal favourite.

*Goggles and accessories not available.

LTTO Weapons:

LTTO Deluxe LTTO Master Blaster
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Our laser tag equipment have been specially selected to accommodate the references of adults as well as children:

Regular Weapons:

Impulse Razor
xm-22 Charger
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With the advanced laser tag equipment that we have, we are able to whip up a realistic laser shootout! party or combat simulation team building for your group at a location of your choice (we can make recommendations).

Contact us to find out about our laser tag party or laser tag team building today!